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50% extra FREE during April

This month only, we are offering the following specially selected supplements with 50% extra free:


Steady-Up Advance (4kg) Steady-Up is our popular and effective calmer to help horses relax and focus.




It contains two forms of Magnesium, an essential nutrient that helps with the regu...


Get a Spring in your step

The clocks have gone forward and it’s time to celebrate, writes Carolyn Henderson. Here are the signs that Spring has arrived…   You’re possessed by an uncontrollable urge to spring clean. Of course I’m not talking about your house – don’t be silly! As every horse owner knows, I mean the satisfactio...


Celebrating horsey friends

Horses help you make – and appreciate – friends, writes Carolyn Henderson If you’re a horse owner, you’ll have your day mapped out down to the last second. You’ll also have emergency plans A, B and C worked out for times when you have to change course. Even then, there’s an essential extra for your ...


Working with horses

Who would have thought that the day would come when a university college would – or could - invest £2million in its equine facilities? That’s what Writtle University College showcased at its open day last week, writes Carolyn Henderson. Equally, who would have bet that in the same month, the British...


How to Battle the Winter Mud

Why is having healthy skin so important?

The horse’s skin is a very important but often overlooked bodily structure. It has many functions, including acting as a barrier to external challenges, helping to control body temperature, and helping to make vitamin D. By feeding our horses a correctly bal...


Riders and robots

The prediction that robot jockeys could take the reins on racecourses within ten years is both scary and funny, writes Carolyn Henderson. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Dr Ian Pearson came up with this, after being commissioned by BetBright to look at the role of technology in racing. Dr...


It’s been snow fun for horse owners

It’s been snow fun for horse owners | Carolyn Henderson | Feedmark...