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Equine Pasture Management for Winter


The winter months are creeping in on us! Not only is it time to prepare ourselves for the drop in temperatures, the frequent rain, and the endless supply of mud, but we must also prepare our turnout areas before the harsh weather is upon us... 


Our Nutritionist, Ellen, shares some top tips on getting your horse’s turnout pasture fit and ready for the colder period.  


What Are Fillers and Are They Necessary?

When it comes to finding the best supplement for your horse
 it is vital to look at the ingredients the product containsFor many products fillers are beneficial for several reasons, but for others the use of a filler may not be necessary. Our Senior Nutritionist, Abbie, discusses fillers and why they may be needed within supplements...


Managing an Overweight Horse


Maintaining an ideal weight can be very difficult for certain horses and poniesparticularly when fresh flushes of grass are appearing in paddocks. 

Here are 9 helpful tips for managing overweight horses, promoting weight loss and optimising the diet to provide essential nutrients without excess calories.  


Comparing Joint Supplements for your Horse


Our Nutritionist looks deeper into the various joint supporting supplements we have available, explaining the differences between them and why they may help your horse’s comfort and mobility. Read on to discover which supplement is best suited to your horse...