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Fair play for crib biters

New research supports the theory that crib-biting relieves stress and should not be prevented. Instead, we must try to keep horses who practice the behaviour in ways which minimise their need to do so.


Researchers at the Royal Agricultural University and Aberystwyth University have found more ev...


When pressing pause is the only answer

I am on box rest again. This time, I have to stick to it, because my husband is seriously considering having me put down.


It isn’t the pain from damaged muscles that’s causing me the problems, but the fact that I can’t ride. It’s driving me crazy and him crazier, because he has to put up with my...


In praise of horsey teenagers

Teenagers. Just that one word is enough to make you sigh, roll your eyes and flounce out the room. And that’s if you’re a parent.  However, horsey teenagers have many saving graces. Here are ten reasons to be cheerful – well, most of the time – if you have one in your household.


1.      When you...


Wallace sets a wonderful example

So, who is the UK’s most famous four-legged dressage star? 


A few years ago, Valegro was the name on everyone’s lips. Now, the most famous ears looking through a dressage bridle are rather larger.

Yes, it’s the wonder of Wallace. Wallace the Great, to give him his full title – the charismatic, ...