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Horse Of The Week - Coby.

Coby 3Meet Coby, Feedmark’s new Horse Of The Week. Standing at 14.2hh, he is a 10-year-old Cob cross Trotter. Holly Coulton has owned Coby for six years, and explains: “We have done a bit of everything in our 6 years. In the past we have enjoyed local shows, and he has taken a very good friend of mine to ...


Horse Of The Week - Clyde.

Clyde 3This week’s Horse Of The Week is owned by Sue Linacre, Sue explains: “This is my buddy, Clyde, his show name is 'Every Which Way' for anyone old enough to remember that film! He is a 16-year-old, 15.1hh Irish Cob. I bought Clyde as a 4-year-old, when he had just arrived from Ireland. This was way ba...


Sweet Itch

SKIN CONDITION CAUSED BY ALLERGY TO FLY AND MIDGE BITES THEN AGGREVATED BY RUBBING AND SCRATCHING TO ALLEVIATE SYMPTOMS. DERMATITUS SORES ITCH SCRATCH BALD One of the most common problems we get asked about over the spring and summer months is Sweet Itch- a skin allergy triggered by saliva from the Culicoides midge. Once an allergic horse has been exposed to this allergen, a reaction causes histamine to be produced, resulting in swelling and itchy ski...


Spring coat changes

As we leave winter behind and the promise of sunny days is beckoning, you may well notice that your horse is starting to shed their thick coat, revealing a sleek and smart summer outfit. This shedding is mainly caused by longer hours of daylight. The increase and decrease in daylight hours triggers ...


Have you got a moody mare?

Normally good natured, obedient and willing, changes in hormone levels can turn your darling horse into an unpredictable, grouchy nightmare! While some mares barely change during their season and are able to be ridden and handled as normal, others really suffer, showing signs of discomfort and chang...


Woohoo- Spring Grass!

The wet and cold of winter is finally coming to an end and you have been given permission to turn your horse out onto their summer grazing paddocks, which are full of glorious green grass, what could be better? 229794_540593516993_2963931_nWell, while grass can be a fantastic nutrient source for your horse, lush spring grass ca...


Horse Of The Week - Willow.

Willow Denvir 6This is Willow our new Horse Of The Week, who is rising five years old. She is owned by Jacqui Denvir who told us: “When she was two-years-old, I started noticing that Willow was constantly scratching; and she was covered in blobby, dry and scurfy skin. She would develop rubs on contact with anythin...


Our TOP five winter problems (via our help and advice line)

We know that winter can be a difficult time for horse management and we receive hundreds of phone calls to our help and advice line, via online chat and email.  Here are the top five problems horse owners have encounter this winter.

  1. iStock_000007607700_Small Over exuberance, spooking and generally highly strung horses an...

Place your bets! - Ben Haslam Racing

Image 1We are a small racing yard based in Middleham, North Yorkshire (right, the yard set in the grounds of Middleham Castle), a village steeped in racing history. Picturesque, it's a wonderful place to train, with beautifully kept gallops and essentially plenty of turnout for our equine athletes!



Horse Of The Week - Bentley.

Bentley 4Our Horse Of The Week is 27-year-old Bentley, a 14.2hh Arab crossed with a Quantock Pony. He is owned by Michelle Seymour and has been since 1997. Together, the combination often hack out, work on schooling, and compete in Veteran Showing classes.Bentley 5 Michelle explained: “Bentley was born in June 1988, ...


Help to keep your stabled horse breathing clearly!

haynetIn the winter, adverse weather conditions often mean that horses have to live in more, stabled for the majority or even all of the day. Horses that spend so much time in the stable have greater exposure to dust particles, which are present in forage, bedding, dried mud, and scurfy coats. These parti...


Horse Of The Week - Whalley Mystic Diamond.

Whalley Mystic Diamond 2Meet Whalley Mystic Diamond; She is a 15.2hh, Welsh Section D who will turn eleven this year. She is owned by Donna Mair, and has been since she was one-day-old. Donna explains: “Mystic was backed when she was four, then was given the Winter off to finish maturing. She was then brought back in to wo...