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Preparing for Competition with Elly Darling – Feedmark Dressage Rider

The super talented Feedmark rider, Elly Darling of Darling Dressage, gives us a rundown of how she prepares for a show and what a competition with her Grand Prix horse, Fitz, looks like…


Discover Elly’s helpful advice and tips for before, during and after a show… they may just help you to success!


How Our Bespoke All-In-One™ is Bespoke... and Effective

At Feedmark, we understand that you want the best for your horse, even when it comes to their diet and nutritional requirements. This is why our Nutritionists designed Bespoke All-In-One™, a custom-made product which caters for your horse’s unique dietary needs and also makes your life easier!


Our Nutritionist explains this effective method of supplementation, and why it definitely is... bespoke. 


Understanding Equine Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common disease amongst horses, but do you know how to spot it? Our Nutritionist looks into osteoarthritis, explaining how it impacts the horse’s joint, how it is diagnosed and how it may be treated…


Is Your Horse Lacking Energy and Sparkle?

Are you struggling with a sluggish horse?


A lack of energy can be due to a number of reasons, so before reaching for extra hard feed, a high energy mix or a magical supplement to give your horse turbo power, it is ideal to consider these factors if your horse is more whoa than go


Equine Hoof Anatomy

We’ve probably all heard the phrase “no hoof, no horse” but perhaps never really thought much of it - did you know that the horse’s hoof contains very complex structures which scientists are still trying to understand today?


Our Nutritionist investigates the anatomy of the equine hoof and explains some issues which can occur in our horses’ feet.