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Is Your Horse's Forage Suitable for Their Needs?

Is your horse’s hay or haylage providing sufficient calories and nutrients for their daily needs? Our Nutritionist looks into forage quality and explains how you can tell what your horse is getting from your chosen forage.

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Is Your Horse Obese?

In light of National Obesity Awareness week, our Nutritionist takes a look at equine obesity and how you can take advantage of this colder season to get your horse to a healthier weight. It’s the ideal time to assess your horse’s bodyweight and condition, here is some helpful guidance on doing this…


Does your horse have a winter cough or nasal discharge?

Is your horse’s respiratory system challenged by the dustier environment of winter? We reveal 3 simple factors which could be negatively impacting your horse’s breathing…


Annie Joppe: Parties, Awards and New Year Endurance Plans

Feedmark’s talented Endurance rider, Annie Joppe, updates us on the equine parties and awards ceremonies she recently attended and looks back at her equine successes and failures of 2019.