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Dr Stephanie Wood BSc (Hons) RNutr R.Anim.Tech is Director of Science and Nutrition at Feedmark. She is supported by Senior Nutritionist, Abigail Malone BSc. We also have a further three Nutritionists to advise our customers and ensure the optimum health of their horses. The team are available seven days a week to help with your horse's diet. You can tap the chat button below, call freephone 0800 585525, email [email protected], read our FAQs and try searching our knowledge base...


Groundwork and the Importance of Joint Support

Instead of riding, many owners are opting for groundwork with their horses to reduce the risk of adding pressure to our precious NHS at this difficult time. Our Nutritionist looks into groundwork and the different options you can try with your horse… Even though you may not be riding, it is still important to provide nutritional joint support for your horse as the tight circles and various movements will still be causing strain on their musculoskeletal system.


Discover more here and learn more about suitable horse supplements for your horse…

Maintaining Your Horse's Paddock

With the country in lockdown, many horse owners have decided to turn their horses out 24/7, therefore, following correct paddock management techniques is vital to ensure that your grass is well looked after and growing as efficiently as possible! Our Nutritionist explains what you should be doing to maintain your paddocks at this time of year...

What is Protein and Why Does My Horse Need It?

Our Nutritionist explains protein and why it's essential within your horse's diet, as well as useful advice on helping your horse to develop muscle safely and optimising your horse's nutrition to build topline correctly. 

How Will Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact Your Horse?

Are you concerned about coronavirus and how it may impact the care and wellbeing of your horse? We've put together some helpful advice for horse owners and equestrians to help you through the current COVID-19 situation and provide some guidance at this difficult time. 

Optimising Your Horse's Health Whilst Travelling

Does your horse travel? Here is some helpful advice from our Nutritionist to keep your horse calm, to ensure they don’t get dehydrated and to reduce the risk of gastric sensitivities and digestive issues whilst away from home and travelling. 

Feedmark Rider Profile: Elly Darling - Dressage

Get to know dressage star and Feedmark Rider, Elly Darling, and her wonderful horses. Discover her goal for this season and find out a little more about two of her horses who are sponsored by Feedmark...

Feedmark Rider Profile: Will Furlong - Eventing

Get to know 5* Eventer and Feedmark Rider, Will Furlong, and his team of talented horses. Discover his goal for this season and find out who his favourite horse is...

Preparing Your Horse for a Stay-Away Show

With the competition season fast approaching, our Nutritional Adviser, Ellie, gives some essential advice to ensure that you (and your horse) are as prepared as possible for any upcoming events. Plus, she has some handy tips to be sure that you are as organised as possible for any stay-away shows. 

Keep Your Horse Calm Despite the Storms

Is your horse feeling a little spooky or fresh after the recent storms? With another storm fast approaching, our Nutritionist explains how you can keep your horse calm and manageable during unruly weather…

Feedmark Rider Profile: Flo Burnop - Eventing

Get to know our Brand Ambassador, Flo, in this Q&A session. We learn more about her team of ponies and horses as well as her eventing plans for this season...