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For horses that display oral stereotypies

32 reviews. 4.8 / 5
Trusted Feefo Customer - 29/08/2021 20:45
Seems to be keeping tummy issues at bay but have not been using it long enough yet for a full review
Vanessa - 23/05/2021 21:11
Great for horses prone to ulcers. Settlex keeps my dressage horses happy and in work.
Geraldine - 28/04/2021 21:33
Mare has been on this for years and we have not had a recurrence of her gastric ulcers, thankfully.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 09/04/2021 12:07
does what it says it should do
Joanna - 13/01/2021 19:58
Horse happily eats it and ulcers not returned
Maria - 06/01/2021 19:06
Superb product  exactly what horse needed
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/12/2020 20:22
Constantly windsucking pony with symptoms of colic,  settled has calmed the windsucking and definately more comfortable.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/11/2020 19:51
I bought the settelex and it has worked wonders with my one that wind ***** when stables he rarely does it now I and have no need for a collar now, also give it to my other 2 and has calmed my tb down and the 2yr old is much more settled 1 would definitely recommend this product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/11/2020 07:37
The ulcers not returned to my knowledge
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/11/2020 21:57
It seems to be helping my horses gut settle
Joanna - 24/10/2020 06:49
Horse ulcer free, and settled
Trusted Feefo Customer - 30/08/2020 21:03
Great product and good value compared to a lot of others on the market.
Carol - 12/08/2020 20:40
One of the best products we have found for the rescues like Lucas and pepper who both crib and windsuck. Palatable and we honestly notice a difference when they don't get it.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 06/07/2020 09:41
My mare is much calmer now and feels happier within herself!
Joanna - 29/06/2020 07:02
Does the job as recommended
Trusted Feefo Customer - 28/05/2020 13:04
Recommended by vet to help prevent ulcers after treatment. So far no problems, horse eats it happily, lasts quite a long time.
Becky - 27/05/2020 21:39
Brilliant. Noticed a big difference within 2 weeks of being on it. Will definitely buy again!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/05/2020 21:45
This product has kept his ulcers away apart from one attack
Joanna - 30/04/2020 07:58
Ulcers have not returned horse happy
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/03/2020 19:51
This has kept my horse’s stomach free of ulcers after veterinary treatment for many years.
Joanna - 12/03/2020 08:56
Recommended by my vet, and horse fine on it
Sally - 11/03/2020 20:49
My TB has been on this for approximately 12 months. He has had ulcers (treated) in the past and I find the settelex helps to keep him less grumpy.
Joanna - 09/02/2020 06:13
Helps the ulcsrs as recommende
Tracey - 30/12/2019 20:18
Sally - 27/12/2019 17:13
My TB has been on this supplement for over a year now. He is much happier when he’s on it and keeps him from ‘windsucking’ so much, which in turn keeps his condition! Nb
Joanna - 12/12/2019 09:37
Horse does
Vicky - 04/12/2019 10:17
Tried many other products for my horse & this one works the best,  Reasonable cost as it lasts much longer than the cheaper alternatives.
Penny - 31/10/2019 10:22
Still early days on this supplement but my mare appears to be more settled.
Joanna - 23/10/2019 13:44
Easy to use. Recommended by vet. Too early to say.
Tracey - 20/10/2019 07:18
It’s done what it was bought for!!
Sally - 26/09/2019 21:30
My TB has been much happier and not so grumpy. He has gained weight and seems happier when being exercised
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/08/2019 18:29
Brilliant product. My elderly horse has truly benefited from this product

Nutrition Information

Settelex™ is designed to soothe the digestive system and help to maintain healthy amounts of acid within the stomach, which in turn helps to maintain normal behaviour. The horse secretes hydrochloric acid (HCl) almost continuously as it is needed to breakdown the continual flow of food that horses ingest with their natural trickle feeding behaviour. When horses eat they produce saliva which contains bicarbonate that buffers the HCl production, keeping the pH of the stomach within correct levels. Trickle feeding helps to maintain healthy pH levels within the stomach due to a regular addition of saliva to the stomach. When horses become stressed (due to competition, travel, extended times in the stable) or are fed a high cereal grain diet, the amount of HCl produced increases and the amount of saliva produced decreases. In these cases, it is particularly important to optimise stomach health.


Magnesium hydroxide (37%), Calcium carbonate, Dicalcium phosphate, Magnesium carbonate (15%).


Crude protein 0.3%, Crude oils & fats <0.1%, Crude fibre 3%, Crude ash 78.5%, Sodium 0.08%, Calcium 17.4%, Phosphorus 3.7%

Feeding Guide


Weight of Horse/Pony                Amount per feed                                                                              
Up to 400kg  ½ scoop
Over 400kg 1 scoop


1 level (50ml) scoop of Settelex™weighs approximately 30g


For best results, initially feed twice per day, and up to a maximum of three times per day. Introduce gradually and feed with each meal.

Settelex™should be added to the feed immediately prior to feeding - if not, effectiveness may be lost.

Avoid feeding large concentrate meals (pellets, mixes and grains). Instead feed little and often throughout the day, especially concentrate feeds. Always feed at least 1.5% of your horse's body weight per day as fibrous forage (for a 500kg horse feed at least 7.5kg of fibre per day).

Feed supplements should be fed according to body weight. Introduce to the horse's diet gradually, splitting between feeds (when applicable).

Settelex™is a complementary feeding stuff for equine animals. Feedmark uses nothing in the formulation of this product that contravenes competition rules.