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The ultimate horse calmer, used and trusted around the world.

471 reviews. 4.9 / 5
Guest - 12/07/2024 07:28
I feed steady up as general maintenance.  I find it takes the edge off fizzy ponies without affecting performance.
Guest - 10/07/2024 21:40
Very efficient service. Started using it and he seems less anxious.
Guest - 10/07/2024 21:24
I have used steady up for over 5 years and found it to be a really effective does what it says on the package! A great big thank you for this product Feedmark!
Guest - 10/07/2024 21:18
Has really changed my horses ridden behaviour, can’t recommend enough!!
Guest - 08/07/2024 06:16
I use this in conjuction with gastric comfort and the combination has worked well our 2 horses.
Guest - 05/07/2024 20:24
Just takes the edge of my Welsh section b makes him much easier to handle
Guest - 05/07/2024 13:27
Janet - 01/07/2024 22:25
My own horse was on Steady up for many years. I now have a horse at livery here who can be very excitable and pushy. After 2 weeks on Steady up she has calmed down and is pleasant to be around.
Laura - 01/07/2024 21:23
Within a week of using steady up I’ve noticed a huge difference in my TB. He’s definitely less anxious and more settled in the stable
Nikki - 01/07/2024 20:16
Very efficient service. Started using it and he seems less anxious.

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Nutrition Information

One of Feedmark’s flagship products, our popular and effective horse calmer Steady-Up® has been used for years by horse owners wanting to help their horse to relax and focus. It contains two forms of Magnesium, to aid absorption, as it is well known that a deficiency in Magnesium can lead to stressy, difficult behaviour. Another key ingredient is Brewer’s Yeast, a multi-functional ingredient, which contains naturally occurring B vitamins, to optimise correct nerve impulses and function, and amino acids, including Tryptophan. Tryptophan is used by the body to make Serotonin, a chemical messenger which is thought to stabilise mood. In addition to this, Brewer’s Yeast is a prebiotic, supporting the bacteria in the hindgut, helping to keep your horse happy and healthy. To ensure B vitamin levels are adequate, additional B vitamin complex is also added. On top of this, traditional herbal ingredients Chamomile and Lemon Balm encourage calm behaviour, working together to relax and calm your horse. Steady-Up® does not contain synthetic sedatives and can be fed long term to make riding and handling your horse a pleasurable experience.


Brewer's Yeast (43%), Rice bran, Magnesium carbonate (7%), Magnesium oxide (7%), Chamomile flowers, Lemon balm, maize meal.



 Additive number 

per kg 




BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene)


2.7 mg

 Anti-caking agent




E562 5 g  






Vitamin K (Menadione sodium bisulphate)


27 mg

B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride)


134 mg

B2 (Riboflavin)


80 mg

B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride)


80 mg

B12 (Cyanocobalamin)


0.8 mg



18 mg



2.7 mg

Pantothenate (Calcium pantothenate)


160 mg

Folic acid


53 mg

Choline (Choline chloride)


267 mg




Crude protein 25.0%
Crude oils & fats 7.6%
Crude fibre 7.1%
Crude ash 16.2%
Sodium <0.1%

Feeding Guide


Weight of Horse/Pony Amount per day                                      
Up to 250kg 1 scoop
250kg - 400kg 1 ½ scoops
400kg - 600kg 2 scoops
Over 600kg 3 scoops

1 level (50ml) scoop of Steady-Up® weighs approximately 28g

The daily recommendations can be increased to up to double for several days prior to stressful periods.


Feed supplements should be fed according to body weight. Introduce to the horse's diet gradually, splitting between feeds (when applicable).

Steady-Up® is a complementary feeding stuff for equine animals. Feedmark uses nothing in the formulation of this product that contravenes competition rules.