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Hardy Hoof™

Enhanced formula for strong, resilient hooves

Független vásárlói értékelés 88 vélemény alapján. 4,8 / 5
Pierre - 2022. 08. 17. 20:51
Good results , will continue use
Alison - 2022. 08. 10. 22:05
Use hardy hoof and best flex, both great products that really make a difference
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2022. 07. 27. 20:55
Given this product to my horse that has been suffering from White Line disease, and the quality of the hoof has improved dramatically. Problem has now been resolved. Going to continue at a maintenance level as this product does work.
Lorraine - 2022. 07. 13. 21:07
Excellent product works really well
Diane - 2022. 07. 07. 6:58
Great for crumbly feet and foot growth.Helps with my 27 year old mares feet.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2022. 06. 08. 20:12
My farrier reports my mare has excellent quality of growth on Hardy Hoof. She has laminae damage and poor feet without it.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2022. 02. 04. 20:15
As with any hoof supplement it will take several months to show a difference. I have used this for just over six months now and overall quality of the hoof appears to be improving.
Lucy - 2022. 01. 10. 17:10
Really helped my horses hoof growth following a hoof injury
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 12. 27. 21:33
I have used Hardyhoof for years to help strengthen my laminitic mare’s feet. It works well.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 12. 01. 19:14
After a serious hoof injury this helped his regrowth tremendously
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 11. 29. 9:38
As always helpful staff and quick delivery
Lucy - 2021. 10. 24. 20:07
Has really made a dramatic difference to my geldings hoof growth & quality following an injury
Sandra - 2021. 10. 11. 20:59
Only been using around 8 weeks which is helping but I need longer for a true answer
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 10. 06. 20:40
Good quality supplements with excellent service
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 10. 06. 20:30
Very pleased with this product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 10. 06. 20:11
I’ve been using Hardy Hoof to help maintain the structure of my laminitic mare’s feet for several years and my farrier did notice the difference.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 09. 30. 16:41
my horse has white line disease and a lot of horn cut away.Farrier and vet pleased with speed of regrowth and condition
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 09. 29. 20:18
Greatly improves my horse’s hooves
Ben - 2021. 09. 26. 20:11
Only just started on this product but hopefully
Will be equally as good as other products
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 08. 25. 20:33
I really like the effectiveness of Hardy Hoof. My farrier commented that hoof structure was very good on this supplement.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 08. 11. 20:29
Feedmark are my first choice for supplements.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 08. 11. 20:24
Hardy hoof is a brilliant supplement for my horse.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 08. 11. 20:16
Always helpful & able to give good advice.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 08. 04. 20:41
Really helping my gelding after a horrific hoof injury
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 07. 14. 20:23
Hardy Hoof strengthens my mare’s feet and enables me to ride her, despite previous laminitis damage.
Keryn - 2021. 06. 23. 21:33
Highly recommended.. hooves are wonderful and hardy.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 06. 16. 20:20
Fantastic for my 26 year olds shelly feet.
Valerie - 2021. 06. 16. 20:13
Keeps hooves in good condition
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 06. 13. 20:30
Really see a difference & even my farrier noticed!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 06. 09. 20:17
Excellent customer service
Pam - 2021. 05. 05. 22:14
My pony has suffered with split hooves for a number of years and Hardy Hoof has made a vast improvement to her hooves since adding it to her feed.
Karen - 2021. 05. 05. 21:04
Great product I can tell when my two haven't been on this for a while.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 04. 30. 8:46
Fabulous products that really work.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 04. 14. 20:42
Improvement evident already
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 02. 19. 9:45
I am sure Hardy Hoof improves the wellbeing of my horses hooves as I live on the edge of the moors and the clay ground always holds the water, so they need good hard hooves.
Julie - 2021. 01. 24. 19:57
Great supplement, big improvement on hooves, horse loves it
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 11. 18. 11:09
Brilliant product, my farrier definitely can see the difference
Pierre - 2020. 10. 19. 20:43
Helps to keep the feet in good order
- 2020. 08. 19. 20:35
Has helped my thoroughbreds feet to hold shoes all year round, and I’d rate it as better value and quality than competitors
Jennifer - 2020. 08. 06. 7:52
One of my daughters horses has been on this for some time now and it does seem to be helping his hoof condition.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 07. 26. 11:34
I am unable to comment yet as my mare has been on Hardy Hoof only one month but there are signs of healthy growth around the coronet band.
Liese - 2020. 06. 11. 13:57
My ID x TB mare has always suffered with her hooves, but since she's been having feedmark hardy hoof supplement in her food the condition of hooves has really improved. I have a happy mare!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 06. 11. 8:52
Ponies eat there food with it in, seems to be helping hooves. So far so good!
Naomi - 2020. 06. 04. 12:51
Jerry has been on this for about 2 weeks. As a fussy eater I bought it separate to his current bespoke just in case he decided against it. But nope he's loving it. Early to report any changes, but we'll keep going.
Sarah - 2020. 06. 03. 20:18
Too early to tell what difference it will make for my horse’s hooves, but judging by the ingredients and concentrations this should be one of the best hoof supplements on the market
Sarah - 2020. 05. 20. 20:51
Can't recommend highly enough.
Ann - 2020. 02. 19. 12:17
Hopefully will help hooves a bit early to say yet
Sarah - 2020. 02. 03. 9:16
This product makes a real difference to my horse's hoof growth and condition.
Claire - 2020. 01. 15. 19:23
Fab product that helps to help my barefoot endurance Arabs hooves in strong and healthy condition. As a fussy eater it's a bonus that is appears to be very palatable and he's happy to have in in his feed.
Penny - 2019. 12. 22. 7:48
Only been using for a couple of weeks so can’t say how much effect it will have.
It smells quite strong but both horses eat it with no problems.
Based on previous experience I expect good results
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 12. 11. 13:50
Have only used for a week so no apparent difference yet but hope to see results soon.
Nichole - 2019. 12. 04. 10:36
Great product, has noticeably improved the condition of my horse's hooves
Paul - 2019. 11. 05. 21:04
Keeps my horses feet in tip top condition
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 10. 27. 4:52
Does exactly what it says
Hilary - 2019. 10. 23. 14:36
Horses hooves are stronger
MARTINA - 2019. 10. 23. 13:25
Happy with this product,but strted to use it only two weeks ago so have to give it more time
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 09. 26. 16:35
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 08. 04. 10:45
Hilary - 2019. 06. 05. 11:50
Really good supplement that works
Chris - 2019. 05. 12. 7:25
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 04. 10. 16:41
Brilliant stuff. Very pleased with results.
Anna - 2019. 03. 25. 19:15
The supplement has really benefited my horse
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 03. 21. 10:36
Having only used some from a friend as a trial I haven't got a long term view on this yet, but so far going well
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2018. 12. 03. 13:17
Great offers great service great delivery times
Valerie - 2018. 11. 16. 11:21
Feedmark always gives excellent service
- 2018. 07. 20. 11:56
Merlin has been on this supplement for quite some time now and I intend to keep him on it for life :-)
After trying numerous other well known expensive hoof supplements that he basically refused to eat and did very little for him, I've finally found a product that actually works. His hoof quality has improved dramatically and my farrier now has something to work with!
Sarah - 2018. 04. 09. 21:39
They eat it well and look well on it  too
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2018. 04. 09. 21:22
Excellent product which works
Sharon - 2017. 12. 22. 18:12
I've used other hoof supplements but nothing compares to Hardy Hoof! Excellent!
Stephanie - 2017. 12. 16. 8:49
Looks ok bit early to say if it’s had any beneficial effect
Denise - 2017. 12. 15. 13:31
Linda - 2017. 10. 15. 23:42
Easy to use and palatable
Helen - 2017. 10. 09. 15:17
Seems to make a bid difference to your horses hoof growth.
- 2017. 10. 09. 14:45
After trying numerous hoof health products I'm hoping this one will work - my horse seems to like it unlike other very well known brands that he refuses to eat!

A keratin felelős a pata falának rugalmas szerkezetéért. Ez egy strukturális protein, amely a hajban, a gyapjúban, a bőrben és a körömben is megtalálható, és meghatározott aminosavakból áll.

A Hardy Hoof™-ban megtalálható aminosavak a metionin, a treonin és a lizin lehetővé teszik a keratin szintézist, különösen a metionin, amelyet a lovak ciszteinné alakítanak, és ami a keratin erejét és szerkezetét adja. Ehhez a folyamathoz B6-vitaminra is szükség van.

A kalcium egy makroásványi anyag, amely fontos szerepet játszik a csontok, az izmok, a fogak és egyéb szerkezetek kialakulásában, így kiemelten fontos a pata növekedéséhez is. A kalcium szükséges a sejtek egymáshoz való tapadásához, így a patákban is, ahol a sejtek szorosan vannak elrendezve.

A nyers ásványi cinknek fontos szerepe van a lovak testében, beleértve a sejtosztódásban és növekedésben való szerepét is. Úgy gondolják, hogy ez elengedhetetlen ahhoz, hogy a ló képes legyen aminosavakat és ként felhasználni, és keratint termelni. A cink felszívódását befolyásolja a test rézszintje, ezért ezeket az ásványi anyagokat a megfelelő arányban kell kiegészíteni.

Az aminosavak és ásványi anyagok mellett a Hardy Hoof biotint is tartalmaz, amely talán a legismertebb alkotóelem, ami befolyásolja a paták egészségét. Csupán 1 mg biotinra van szükség a teljeskörű egészséghez, viszont azon lovak estében, akiknek nem egészséges a patájuk bizonyított, hogy ezt a mennyiséget sem kapják meg. Takarmánykiegészítőnk 35 mg biotint tartalmaz, amely biztosítja az optimális növekedést és egészséget. Tartalmaz továbbá MSM-et, amely egy kiváló kénforrás, egy ásványi anyag, ami elengedhetetlen a pata integritásához, mivel fontos szerepet játszik a patában található fehérjeszálak kötésében. A Hardy Hoof™ jódot is tartalmaz, amely nélülözhetetlen a egészséges pajzsmirigy-működéséhez, így a pata és a szőrzet minőségét is befolyásolja. A készítményben található utolsó összetevő a lenmag, amelyet széles körben használnak a pata minőségének javítására, mivel esszenciális zsírsavakban gazdag, így segít, hogy a nedvesség a patába jusson. Foszfolipid lecitinnel(amely kolinban gazdag a sejtek rugalmasságáért) kombinálva elősegíti a paták rugalmasságát és segít megőrizni az optimális nedvességszintet. Különösen magas szénatartalmú étrend mellett lehet alacsony a zsírsavtartalom.


Vitamin, ásványi anyag és aminosav előkeverék (kukoricadara alap), sörélesztő, mikronizált teljes lenmag, MSM, szójalecitin, megengedett antioxidáns és folyószer. Tápanyag-elemzés 500 kg súlyú ló esetén, adagonként Kalcium 3g Foszfor 1,5 g Mangán 200 mg Jód 1,5 mg Réz 100 mg Cink 300 mg B6 20 mg Biotin (B7) 35 mg Lizin 6g Metionin 8 g Treonin 2g MSM 3,2 g

  Százalékos összetétel

Nyersfehérje 25,8%, Nyersolajok és zsírok 9,02%, Nyersrost 1,2%, Nyershamu 25,1%, Nátrium 0.1%, Kalcium 5.63%, Foszfor 2.56%


(per kg): Jód (Eb202 vízmentes kalcium-jodát) 20 mg; Réz (réz-szulfát-pentahidrát) 1350 mg; Cink (3b603- cink-oxid) 4050 mg; Mangán (magnézium-oxid) 2700 mg, DL-metionin (3c301) 108 g; L-lizin-monohidroklorid (3.2.3) 81 g; L-treonin (3.3.1) 27 g; D-Biotin (3a880) 470 mg; B6-vitamin (3a831) 270 mg; Antioxidáns (E321) 66 mg; Szilikagél (E551b) 3,3 g.

  Adagolási útmutató

Ló/Póni súlya Napi adag
250kg alatt 1 mérőkanál
250kg - 400kg 1,5 mérőkanál
400kg - 600kg 2 mérőkanál
600kg felett 3 mérőkanál

1 mérőkanál (50ml) Hardy Hoof™ kb. 34g.


Körülbelül 8-12 hónapot vesz igénybe, amíg a pata kürtje megnő a pártaszegélytől a sarokfalig. Adja lovának folyamatosan a Hardy Hoofot a pata kürtjének megfelelő növekedése érdekében!


Testtömeg szerint válassza ki a lovának megfelelő mennyiséget, és fokozatosan iktassa be étrendjébe, elosztva az etetések között!


A Hardy Hoof™ egy kiegészítő takarmány lófélék számára. Nem tartalmaz a versenyszabályzatot sértő összetevőt!