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Maintaining digestive health is paramount to ensuring a healthy and happy horse and correct digestive support greatly reduces the risk of digestive issues occurring. The digestive system is the powerhouse of the horse and is vital for immune function, vitamin synthesis, maintenance of correct body condition and thermoregulation.

Ultimate Gastro-Ease®

New name but same complete support for equine gastrointestinal comfort.
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Gastric Comfort™

Soothing support for a healthy gastric environment
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Pre and probiotics to maintain optimal gut health
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


For horses that display oral stereotypies
4.6 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Digestive support for horses grazing in sandy areas
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Activated Charcoal

Periodic support to stabilise the digestive tract
5 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


A proven probiotic for digestive support
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Brewer's Yeast

A natural supply of B vitamins and amino acids
5 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Ultimate Gastro-Ease® is a comprehensive digestive supplement which provides total digestive tract support. This supplement contains ingredients which buffer the
stomach acid helping to maintain a stable pH as well as protecting the sensitive stomach lining from acid splash. Using the latest technology in fermentation science,
Ultimate Gastro-Ease® provides pre, pro and postbiotics to fully support hindgut function. Ultimate Gastro-Ease® is suitable for all horses showing signs of digestive discomfort and is ideal for horses who are at risk of Gastric Ulcers or those suffering from Free Faecal Water Syndrome.

Gastric Comfort™ targets the stomach environment and forms a gel coating to support the sensitive stomach lining and prevent acid splash injury. Gastric
Comfort™ buffers stomach acid and helps to regulate normal acid production. Gastric Comfort™ is ideal for horses that are stabled, on low forage diets or those that are sensitive to girthing and grooming. 

BioPro™ supports hindgut function by balancing the population of microorganisms.

Settelex™ is ideal for horses who display oral stereotypies as it soothes the digestive system and helps to maintain normal acid production. Settelex™ is
particularly beneficial to horses who become easily stressed or those on high cereal or starch diets.

Sand-Free™ offers digestive support for horses grazing in sandy areas. This product contains a soluble fibre source and acts like a hydroscopic sponge to aid the removal
of unwanted foreign material such as sand and indigestible roughage.

Yea-Sacc® is a scientifically proven live yeast which optimises digestion of fibre and utilisation of feed. Yea-Sacc® is suitable for all horses and offers basic digestive

Brewer’s Yeast is a great source of B vitamins and amino acids. It has a prebiotic action which makes it an ideal supplement for poor doers to support maintenance of

Activated Charcoal is ideal to support your horse through a sudden or unexpected diet change, as it binds to toxins within the digestive tract allowing the body to remove them.


For further advice and nutritional support, please contact our Registered Nutritionist Stephanie Hyland MSc RNutr. on 0800 585525 or email [email protected]