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We love talking horses and our nutritional advisors are available to offer advice on your horse’s diet. If you are unsure of the nutritional support your horse requires or have any questions about any of our products, please contact us for impartial, professional advice

To our knowledge, Feedmark are the only professional equine nutrition company to be able to trial products on a controlled long term basis and monitor results. We have over 35 horses of different breeds and ages kept at our own facilities under the care of our Equine Director Mrs. Rebecca Townsend BSc. (Hons) MCSP. and her team.

There isn't much we haven't seen and we are happy to help...

40% Extra Free – How might these supplements support your horse?

We have five chosen products on offer during August, where we will give you an extra 40% for FREE. But how beneficial are these supplements and does your horse need them? Get the opinion of our Nutritionist, who looks into these special products and how they work...

Tips for Feeding the Young Horse

It is vital to feed horses correctly from an early age to ensure healthy growth - our Nutritionist has some important tips on feeding a young horse throughout their development, from a foal, to a yearling, up to a fully grown adult.

Helpful herbs for horses...

From the performance horse to the retired horse, herbs can play a vital part in the health and well-being of our horses. At Feedmark we love using natural herbs, but with so many out there, sometimes it’s tricky to know which ones to feed. We have chosen just a select few to review from our extensive range of herbs, so read on to find out how they are beneficial and why they can be found in some of our products…

Shod vs Barefoot – are the nutritional requirements the same?

BAREFOOT VS. SHOD: Do your horse’s nutritional needs vary depending on whether you’ve chosen to go barefoot or to shoe your horse? Our Nutritionist answers this question, and explains the essential nutrients that your horse will need for optimal hoof growth and health.

Endurance update from Feedmark rider, Annie Joppe

We catch up with Feedmark endurance rider, Annie Joppe, who gives us an update on her recent rides and explains how her mare recovered from a recent touch of colic. 

Hay vs. Haylage

Forage should make up the largest part of your horse’s daily diet, but do you know which forage is best for your horse and how much he should be consuming every day? In this week’s blog, our Nutritionist discusses the different types of forage and some important tips which are easy to forget...

Feedmark’s Complete Feeding Guide for the Competition Horse

Whether you're out every weekend or just every now and again, here's our essential guide to ensure that your horse has the best possible support when they're competing.

Top Tips for Feeding the Veteran Horse

What can you do to support your veteran horse or pony? Our Nutritionist shares some helpful and vital tips to help you care for your golden oldies and optimise their well-being. 

The Power of Pre and Probiotics

What are pre and probiotics and does your horse or pony really need them in their diet? Our Nutritionist explains how these powerful nutrients work, what they are and how they may benefit your horse. 

Q&A: Spotlight on Electrolytes!

Are you replacing those vital body salts that your horse loses through sweat? Our Nutritionist answers some recent questions about electrolytes and explains why they are essential for your horse's health and well-being.