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We love talking horses and our nutritional advisors are available to offer advice on your horse’s diet. If you are unsure of the nutritional support your horse requires or have any questions about any of our products, please contact us for impartial, professional advice

To our knowledge, Feedmark are the only professional equine nutrition company to be able to trial products on a controlled long term basis and monitor results. We have over 35 horses of different breeds and ages kept at our own facilities under the care of our Equine Director Mrs. Rebecca Townsend BSc. (Hons) MCSP. and her team.

There isn't much we haven't seen and we are happy to help...

Q&A: Spotlight on Electrolytes!

Are you replacing those vital body salts that your horse loses through sweat? Our Nutritionist answers some recent questions about electrolytes and explains why they are essential for your horse's health and well-being. 

Supporting your horse's immune system

Does your horse need a pick-me-up? Our Nutritionist explains how you can help to give your horse a boost and how powerful natural ingredients can help their general health and well-being. 

Does your horse have dry, itchy skin?

Does your horse have dry, irritated skin or a poor quality coat? Our Nutritionist explains the importance of skin health and gives helpful tips for supporting your horse's coat and skin.

Feeding for a calm horse

Is your horse spooky and often too fizzy? Our Nutritionist discusses important factors to consider when it comes to managing this behaviour and evaluating why it may be occurring…

The benefits of Rosehips in joint supplements

Have you ever wondered why Rosehips are included in some equine joint supplements? Our Nutritionist explains the benefits of these powerful natural fruits and why they've been used throughout history for both horses and humans. 

Feeding your horse for optimum hoof health

Our Nutritionist looks at hoof quality and what you can do to help your horse. She explains what you should feed to optimise hoof health as well as some top tips to encourage growth of healthy horn.

Preparing endurance horses for competition

Endurance star, Annie Joppe, explains the blur of activity she's had recently in preparing her horses for the busy endurance season ahead. We get a snippet into the life of an endurance rider and find out Annie's method for increasing the fitness of her horses. 

Protecting your horse from flies and insects

Whether you have a sensitive-skinned horse or not, flies and insects are an irritating nightmare for our four-legged friends. Our Nutritionist has compiled her top tips to protect your horse from these pesky bugs!

Have you got a 'moody mare'?

If you’re involved with horses, it is likely you have heard the term ‘moody mare’. Our Nutritionist discusses why your mare may be behaving badly, and some important factors to consider.

We are proudly sponsoring Badminton Horse Trials again this year

Since 1949 Badminton Horse Trials has been going strong, now in its 70th years the event has been hailed as one of the most prestigous events in the world.

Feedmark are again sponsoring Badminton Horse Trials for 2019 and you will find us in The Shopping Village, Worecester Way on stand 118.