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We love talking horses and our nutritional advisors are available to offer advice on your horse’s diet. If you are unsure of the nutritional support your horse requires or have any questions about any of our products, please contact us for impartial, professional advice

To our knowledge, Feedmark are the only professional equine nutrition company to be able to trial products on a controlled long term basis and monitor results. We have over 35 horses of different breeds and ages kept at our own facilities under the care of our Equine Director Mrs. Rebecca Townsend BSc. (Hons) MCSP. and her team.

There isn't much we haven't seen and we are happy to help...

Festive Fun for You to Enjoy at Olympia This Year

It’s that time of the year again when all the talk turns to Olympia, The London International Horse Show! Find Feedmark on stand B03 at this wonderfully festive event, discover the super show offers along with the fantastic performances that are available for you to enjoy!

How Does Nutrition Effect Your Horse's Skin?

Your horse's skin is incredibly important as not only does it offer protection, but it is the horse’s first line of defence from external factors of the environment. Our Nutritionist discusses skin conditions and explains what you can do to encourage optimal skin and coat health for your horse. 

Building horse and rider fitness after a break with Annie Joppe

After a trip to Africa meant a break from riding, Endurance rifer, Annie Joppe, finds herself lacking the fitness she had previously. Discover how she is ensuring that she builds her fitness correctly, as well as that of her horses…

Feedmark’s Tips for BETA Feed Awareness Week

To celebrate BETA Feed Awareness Week this year, our Nutritionist shares some interesting facts on equine nutrition and also some myth busters too! 

Filled legs and the lymphatic system in horses

Does your horse get fat legs? In this blog, our Nutritionist explains the lymphatic system in horses as well as the causes of filled legs and helpful tips for treating and preventing them.

Carbohydrates for Horses – Sugar, Starch and Fibre

Carbohydrates are an essential part of the horse’s diet. Did you know that fibre, sugar and starch are all carbohydrates? High fibre diets are very common; however, many horses may require a low starch and sugar diet - especially those prone to laminitis, EMS and tying up. To discover the ins and outs of carbohydrates and what they mean for your horse, read our Nutritionist's new blog. 

Super Fibres and How They Can Help Your Horse

Fibre plays a highly important role in the horse’s diet both in the wild and domestically for horses in no work to those in very hard work. It is also important metabolically and biochemically. Fibre can be commonly found in feedstuffs such as grass, conserved forages like hay and haylage as well as chaffs, however it is also found in feedstuffs known as super fibres. Our Nutritionist explains these "Super Fibres" and what they can mean for your horse...

Feedmark celebrated at the Animal Health Trust’s Equestrian Awards.

As part of our partnership with the fantastic charity, the Animal Heath Trust, we were the main sponsor of the AHT UK Equestrian Awards this year, which were held at the prestigious Landmark Hotel in London. Stars from the equine world gathered for this celebratory evening, along with the President of the Animal Health Trust, HRH The Princess Royal, who presented the awards to the various winners including professional riders from multiple disciplines, talented trainers and veterinarians. Read on to find out more about this super, star-studded event...

The Perfect End to the Season for Endurance Annie... on to the Next Adventure!

Feedmark endurance rider, Annie Joppe, shares some great news about her mare and explains how she had the perfect end to her competitive endurance season. You'll never guess what her next adventure entails...

Winter is Coming… How to Maintain a Healthy Winter Weight

Does winter mean more work or less work for your horse? Our Nutritionist offers some helpful advice for maintaining ideal weight and condition of your horse throughout the colder months.