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6 Reasons to Love Benevit

Our Nutritionist, Lauren Harrold, explains the importance of vitamins and minerals in the horse's diet and why our best-selling vitamin and mineral supplement, Benevit, is so popular.

Managing Stress in Your Horse

Our Nutritionist gives top tips on managing stress in the anxious horse and helping to reduce spookiness. 

Arthritis in Horses

Our Nutritionist explains the symptoms of equine arthritis, what it is, and how you can treat it to help your horse and optimise joint health. 

Another competitive endurance season to look forward to...

Feedmark endurance rider, Annie Joppe, gives us an update on her plans for 2019 and explains just how she is getting in to shape and increasing her fitness as well as that of her horses.

What is Mud Fever in horses?

Many horse owners have experienced Mud Fever, and are all too familiar with how irritating it can be and the discomfort it can cause our horses. Our Nutritionist reveals the causes for this infection, as well as the symptoms and treatments.

Is your horse depressed?

Our Nutritionist explains Equine Depression and discusses the associated symptoms and causes of this condition, as well as helpful advice for owners.   

Obesity – Is your horse at risk?

In light of National Obesity Awareness Week, our Nutritionist explains the risks of obesity in equines, the problems this may cause and tips to help your horse effectively lose weight. 

Does your horse suffer with respiratory problems?

Feedmark Nutritionist explains the common equine respiratory issues, Inflammatory airway disease (IAD) and Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) and suggests ways to manage the symtoms of these conditions. 

Beat the January blues for horse owners

Carolyn Henderson gives her top tips for horse owners to beat the January blues this year...

Aiming for a great 2019 with your horse

Carolyn Henderson explains why you shouldn't use New Year resolutions, and how to aim for a successful 2019 with your horse...