Bespoke All-In-One™ explained

Bespoke All-In-One™ is an easy and convenient way to supplement your horse, whilst saving you the time and money of feeding multiple products. It enables you to create an all-in-one supplement based on your horse’s specific needs, perfectly calculated to ensure they receive accurate levels of all nutrients.

Choose from any of our proven, high-quality products to formulate your horse’s unique blend. This includes our Main Range brands as well as our MeadowBlend herbs and Essentials straight ingredients.

As your horse’s requirements change, you can simply amend (or pause/cancel) your supplement at any time. The power is in your hands!

Developed by our Nutritionists and produced following stringent quality assurance procedures, you can be assured that Bespoke All-In-One™ will deliver the finest quality nutrition, optimised for the unique requirements of your horse.

Discover the benefits below…


Why Bespoke All-In-One™?

Every horse differs in weight, work and nutritional requirements and your horse deserves a supplement which fully supports its individual needs. Bespoke All-In-One™ is the new way to deliver precise, personalised nutrition and provides many benefits for your horse and you.


Better nutrition...

Complete a series of online questions about your horse and select from a range of tried and tested supplements to create your customised formulation. Feedmark optimises each option specifically for your horse and blends together your selection to form the perfect levels in one bespoke supplement.


Save money...

No need to buy multiple supplements. Bespoke All-In-One™ can reduce your feeding costs by providing all the supplementary support your horse needs, in one mix. Plus, there is always up to 40% off. The cost of Bespoke All-In-One™ is calculated on the Feedmark products you choose and your horse’s details.


Less packaging...

As your horse will be getting all the nutrients they require in one supplement, you will no longer need to have multiple buckets and pots cluttering your feed room.

Your horse’s first Bespoke All-In-One will arrive in a tub showing their photo and name. After that, each month’s supply of their unique supplement will be delivered in a (recyclable paper) bag, which you can decant into the tub. Thus, helping to reduce plastic usage.


Save time...

Avoid the hassle of feeding multiple supplements, Bespoke All-In-One™ gives you just one product to add. Plus, we do the calculations to give you an easy, full scoop feeding rate which provides the perfect levels for your horse.

Your Bespoke All-In-One™ displays your horse’s name and photo making it super easy to identify in the feed room. An ingredients list will be emailed to you directly from your horse’s Nutritionist and can be found by scanning the QR code on the label with any smart phone for easy access wherever you are.


Free next day delivery...

Receive your Bespoke All-In-One™ quickly, the next day at no extra cost.

Plus, we’ll make your life easier by automatically sending your next month’s supply before you run out, saving you the time and the hassle of reordering.


Amend at any time…

If your horse’s weight, work levels or nutritional needs change, you can simply update their details and reformulate your supplement.

With a click of a button, you can amend, pause or cancel your formulation at any time.