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Feedmark provide a comprehensive choice of high specification horse joint supplements to support your horse’s mobility and flexibility. Each one provides key ingredients to benefit your horse’s joint health, aiding performance, and comfort. Our joint supplements are suitable for young horses, through to high level performance horses and elderly equines

Best-Flex HA®

Probably the world’s best horse joint supplement - read the reviews!
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Extra-Flex HA®

High spec horse joint supplement with significant levels of proven ingredients.
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Soothing support for older horses and ponies
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Soothing comfort for worn joints and muscles
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Flexamine 10:10™

Everyday support for joint health maintenance
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


80% Boswellic acid extract
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Glucosamine HCl

A proven joint supporting nutrient to aid mobility
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Proven support for healthy joints and connective tissues
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.


Joint issues are common in horses, with Osteoarthritis contributing to 60% of lameness issues. When pressure is placed upon joints during exercise, an inflammatory response is triggered to protect the joint from trauma.

Breaking this cycle is key to managing a horse’s comfort and longevity through promoting a healthy joint environment. Feeding joint nutraceuticals support healthy joint structures leading to improved comfort, consistent performance, and a reduction in lameness.

Feeding a supplement containing proven joint nutrients will offer your horse the best support. Glucosamine1,2,3,4 delays the breakdown of and repairs damaged cartilage. Chondroitin1,3,4 is a vital part of cartilage which can stimulate cartilage repair mechanisms. MSM5 provides sulphur which is important for building collagen and Hyaluronic Acid6 lubricates joints and reduces inflammation.

Best-Flex HA® is the highest specification joint supplement on the market containing the highest levels of proven joint supporting nutrients Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulphate, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid. Best-Flex HA® also contains Boswellia to help soothe active or tired horse joints, Omega-3 fatty acids to maintain supple horse joints and the antioxidant Vitamin C that helps to neutralise free radicals. Best-Flex HA is suitable for all horses, especially performance horses and horses suffering with joint or mobility challenges. 

Extra-Flex HA provides high levels of proven joint nutrients to maintain supple and flexible joints of horses in training or for those that want to maintain healthy joints to reduce the risk of joint injury. Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin sulphate and Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) are included to maintain healthy articular cartilage and joint function, as well as Hyaluronic acid which works within the joint capsule to aid shock absorption and stability. A generous helping of Rosehips is added to provide comfort to worn or tired joints.

Flexamine 10:10 is a highly concentrated formula which is suitable for all horses. This product provides Glucosamine and MSM to help maintain articular cartilage, joint function, and support connective tissue. This is an excellent product for young horses or those requiring a maintenance level joint support.

To further support joint function, Boswellium provides 80% Boswellic Acids to soothe worn and tired joints. Boswellic Acids significantly reduce glycosaminoglycan degradation and reduce inflammation.

ZeroBute is an alternative to using NSAID’s and provides comfort to joints. ZeroBute is an effective blend of herbs combined with MSM to soothe your horse’s musculoskeletal system.

For further advice and nutritional support, please contact our Registered Nutritionist Stephanie Hyland MSc RNutr. on 0800 585525 or email [email protected]

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