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Hard working horses and those with compromised muscle function require additional nutritional support to keep their muscles healthy. Optimal muscle function is paramount for performance and strong healthy muscles are essential to support joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Muscle Fuel®

Accelerate muscle growth and limit exercise induced damage
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Opti Muscle™

Support for hard working or vulnerable muscles
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Muscle Treats

Tasty, muscle-building treats for horses
4.8 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Natural Vitamin E™

Optimise your horse's health and immunity
4.9 / 5 Independent Feefo reviews.

Muscles are mostly made up of protein, and for them to develop properly the diet must contain good quality protein. Key amino acids in the diet, such as Lysine,
provide the building blocks for muscle development and repair and these must be present in the body to support protein synthesis. Exercise increases the need for
protein to help maintain new muscle mass and repair existing muscle mass. It is also required to replace nitrogen that is lost through sweat.

Antioxidants also play a vital role in minimising exercise induced oxidative damage, supporting normal muscle repair and they increase the speed of recovery after
exercise. When horses exercise, natural stores of antioxidants are depleted making it necessary to supplement the diet. Horses with muscle disorders also require
higher levels of antioxidants in the diet to maintain muscle health.

Muscle Fuel® provides a unique blend of amino acids which have been scientifically formulated to limit exercise induced muscle damage and aid muscle recovery post
exercise. Muscle Fuel® also supports protein synthesis and aids glycogen uptake and storage. Muscle Fuel® is ideal for horses that need help to build muscle or those
that struggle with recovery post exercise.

Opti Muscle™ provides essential antioxidants, B vitamins and Magnesium to support optimal nerve and muscle function. Antioxidants maintain normal muscle function
and healthy cell membranes; B vitamins are essential for enzyme and coenzyme formation and Magnesium supports nerve function and muscle relaxation. Opti
Muscle™ is suitable for horses that require additional muscle support, especially those with muscle disorders.

Muscle Treats are ideal for stretching exercises, particularly post exercise, to support your horses muscle health. Muscle Treats encourage muscle recovery, growth and
strength whilst also supporting tendon and ligament health. Muscle Treats also contain antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

Natural Vitamin E™ helps to reduce oxidative stress during exercise. This natural form of Vitamin E is suitable for all types of horses and has been developed to meet
the daily vitamin E requirements of your horse.

For further advice and nutritional support, please contact our Registered Nutritionist Stephanie Hyland MSc RNutr. on 0800 585525 or email [email protected]