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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and competing whilst supplementing your horse

Whether you compete your horse or have them for pleasure, you’ll naturally want to provide them with the correct nutrition to make them feel, look and perform at their best. With a multitude of supplements on the market it can be confusing to work out which one provides the quality of ingredients your horse needs.

If you are competing, it is even more important to know that the supplements you feed are produced by a professional manufacturer, who follows procedures to minimise the risk of contamination from Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances.


What to look for when buying supplements

Quality Assurance

Look for companies who are members of the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS). This voluntary scheme ensures quality control from start to finish. As a result, Feedmark has full traceability of the ingredients used and the finished supplements after being mixed. We follow stringent quality control systems for production, storage, transport and packaging, and our products are developed by our nutritionists, alongside current research.

Feedmark’s membership to UFAS gives you the reassurance that our ingredients are regularly tested, excellent quality and that we follow rigorous procedures to maintain our standards and accreditation year on year.

Using supplements whilst competing

It is your responsibility as a rider, owner or trainer, to ensure you take every step to comply with the FEI’s guidance on banned and controlled substances. It is strongly recommended to only buy feed and supplements from companies that support the FEI’s Clean Sport initiative and, like Feedmark, are members of the British Equestrian Trade Association Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (BETA NOPS) scheme.

Being a member of this scheme means that Feedmark take every step possible whilst producing our products, to minimise the risk of contamination from banned ingredients. Following BETA NOPS helps Feedmark to reduce the risk of our individual ingredients being contaminated by naturally occurring prohibited substances from the countries and growing conditions from where they are sourced. For example, to minimise the risk of caffeine from coffee beans or tea plants, and morphine from opium poppies growing by the sides of UK fields. Sourcing from accredited suppliers reduces the risk of NOPS contamination.

Feedmark’s membership to BETA NOPS involves yearly accreditation by an independent body. We voluntarily participate in the scheme to demonstrate our commitment to producing your supplement in a controlled and monitored environment using world renowned systems for food safety.

In some instances we will also identify those products that contain “controlled” ingredients under the FEI rulings but remain safe to feed if you are not competing.

If you are competing under FEI rules or under another affiliated body, refer to their websites for guidance to ensure you are meeting their requirements.