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6 Reasons to Love Benevit

Benevit is our popular broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement.

Benevit was Feedmark’s first supplement when our company launched in 1979 and it is still a favourite today, 40 years later.

A vitamin and mineral supplement is recommended to balance out a forage-based diet and ensure your horse is receiving adequate levels of the necessary nutrients he needs every day.


Here's why we love Benevit, and why your horse will too!


  1.      25 vitamins and minerals

It is essential that your horse receives daily vitamins and minerals for their health and well-being as part of a balanced diet. Vitamins and minerals are provided in forage, but it is likely that your horse won’t be receiving adequate amounts if he is on a forage only diet. Benevit provides a balanced formulation of 25 of these important macro and micronutrients to provide optimum health for your horse and ensuring healthy body function. This makes Benevit the ideal supplement to compliment your horse’s high fibre diet, so you can be confident he is receiving exactly what he needs every day, in conjunction with good quality forage.

  1.      Antioxidants

Benevit delivers the important antioxidants Vitamin E and Selenium. Vitamin E works in the cell membranes which enclose the cell while Selenium exerts its anti-oxidant effect within the cell itself. 


  1.      Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are provided by the linseed. There has been extensive research into omega-3 fatty acids and their function within the cell. They are helpful for skin and coat health and help give a glossy bloom to your horse’s coat.


  1.      Iron

Iron oxide has been added to the Benevit formulation (which gives the supplement its recognisable red appearance). Iron is a vital micromineral in the diet, required for the transport of oxygen in red blood cells. It is an essential component for the synthesis of the blood protein haemoglobin, which allows oxygen to be carried to the tissues and is also a component of the muscle protein myoglobin. Iron is also associated with tissue metabolism   and can also be found in the enzyme systems.  


  1.      Suitable for all horses, including youngstock and pregnant mares

Benevit is suitable for all horses, we just advise that youngstock and pregnant mares in the last 3 months of gestation are fed at the medium/hard work feeding rate. Vitamin E and Selenium are particularly important for the pregnant mare.  


  1.      Palatable

The linseed base makes it very palatable, even for those fussy feeders! As a powder, Benevit will mix well in to a damp feed of any kind, whether that be chaff, sugarbeet or pellet based.