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Focus On: Electrolytes

Focus On: Electrolytes

Horses and humans are the only mammals that have hypertonic sweat. This means that sweat contains large amounts of electrolytes and both horses and humans can become dehydrated quickly if electrolytes are not replenished adequately.

There are 5 main electrolytes that horses require:






Electrolytes maintain osmotic regulation of body fluids as well as being responsible for the maintenance of acid-base balance.

They also play an important role in muscle contraction and nerve impulses. Sodium, Chloride and Potassium are lost in large quantities whereas Calcium and Magnesium are lost in smaller quantities.


Did you know? Loss of electrolytes can cause symptoms such as fatigue, poor performance, muscle tremors and weakness.

Horses that are working hard or are working in hot weather will need supplementary electrolytes as their natural diet does not provide enough. Sweat aids the body in cooling down, so whilst it is an important function, it is also an indication that electrolyte supplementation is required.

The horse’s natural diet doesn’t contain a high quantity of electrolytes, so for horses in hard work they will require supplementation to ensure that they are receiving enough to maintain adequate electrolyte levels.

Our Replenish™ is a balanced blend of the essential electrolytes Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium, which are lost through sweat whilst exercising. Optimal electrolyte status is vital for peak performance, to maintain correct muscle and nerve function. Replenish™ is ideal for horses in hard work, or those who sweat a lot, to remain hydrated. Find out more here >>