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Self Selection

iStock_000000609624SmallWe often get calls from customers wanting advice regarding their horse snacking on plants in hedgerows - should they do it, and why are they picking out that particular flower? Horses are known to self-select, choosing the herbs and plants that will help with particular ailments that they may have, and in the wild this was easy for them to do.  Even 50 years ago, horses were generally kept in larger paddocks with access to wild hedges, but often now horses are kept in small electric fenced turn out paddocks, often unable to get to anything but grass.  If your horse is lucky enough to browse the verges and hedgerows, what are they picking at, and why? 2 Dandelion Dandelion[/caption] Hawthorn - is a known circulatory aid. Clivers - are high in silica, which is beneficial for skin, hooves and coat. [caption id="attachment_5242" align="alignleft" width="144"]Rosehips Rosehips[/caption] Rosehips - naturally rich in antioxidants, rosehips have anti-inflammatory effects and horses feeling a tad lame will often reach for these fruits. Cow Parsley - is a digestive aid, and is thought to help with the healing of wounds. Dandelion - is a known diuretic, good for the urinary system, and a natural electrolyte. Nettle - acts as a blood tonic, rich in vitamins and minerals. [caption id="attachment_5262" align="alignleft" width="147"]Clivers Clivers[/caption] Don’t worry if your horse has no access to these plants, providing your horse with dried herbs from our MeadowBlend range can help combat the deficit of beneficial hedgerow plants. Our Hedge Herbs blend in particular is designed to replace the good herbs your horse would pick out of a traditional hedgerow, containing Hawthorn, Buckwheat, Nettle and Rosehips