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Stressless Showing by Olivia Colton MSc

WinnerShow season is well and truly upon us and whatever sphere you like to complete in summer is an ideal time to take your horse out and about.  Heat and busy environments can make shows a stressful place for both you and your horse, so here at Feedmark we are sharing our top tips for successful, stress-free showing!

  • If you are going for more than a few hours, make sure you take some forage or high fibre feed for your horse- not feeding enough forage will increase risk of ulcers, colic and other digestive disturbances
  • Often when horses are away from home they can be reluctant to drink. This can lead to dehydration, heat stress, decreased performance, and impaction colic. Take water from home and use your horses normal water bucket to encourage them to drink, and if they won’t accept this, feed soaked hay or a Feedmark fibre block soaked in 5ltr of mpi_FeedmarkFibreBlock Feedmark Fibre Blocks soaked in 5ltr of water can help with hydration[/caption] water to ensure some liquid consumption, and provide buffering fibre at the same time- result!
  • If your horse gets stressed and anxious at shows, or when travelling to them, administering a tube of Magnafeed instant calming syringe an hour before travelling/classes can help to take the edge off, making your horse happier and more relaxed, and so more likely to do well!MagnaFeed Instant stress busters give 1 hour before stressful situation. MagnaFeed Instant stress busters give 1 hour before stressful situation.[/caption]
  • If your horse can be nervy or stressed all the time, but is worse when out of their normal routine, feeding a daily calmative may be the answer. Try our popular Steady-Up Advance for one month and see if your horse’s behaviour improves.
  • If there are lots of biting insects around, be sure to use Blue Bottle fly repellent to help deter them, and let your horse concentrate on the job in hand.
  • Go out often- if you only go to a show once a year it becomes a big deal- there are so many shows and events available over the summer months get out as much as you can, and you will feel much more confident and comfortable, which will have a great effect on your horse and your riding!