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Bespoke All-In-One Is Now Better Than EVER

Bespoke All-In-One Is Now Better Than EVER

Feeding a Bespoke All-In-One Supplement is now better than it has ever been! Not only does it save you time, but it now also saves you more money on your horse’s supplements. When you create a Feedmark Bespoke All-In-One Supplement, you are providing the very best for your horse through an individually tailored supplement regime. Feedmark Bespoke All-In-One Supplements enables you to create an all-in-one supplement based on your horses’ specific needs, perfectly calculated to ensure that they receive accurate levels of nutrients. At Feedmark we know that no two horses are the same and that is why a Bespoke All-In-One Supplement will only contain exactly what your horse needs. Feedmark Bespoke All-In-One Supplement is a personalised supplement, made specifically for your horse to meet their individual nutritional requirements. Your Bespoke All-In-One will never contain any fillers or unnecessary ingredients as the feeding rate is tailored to your individual horse. You can ensure that you are not causing nutritional imbalances in your horse’s diet as you will be safe in the knowledge that you are never doubling up or missing out on important nutrients.

Better Nutrition

A Feedmark Bespoke All-In-One Supplement is tailor made for your horse’s individual body weight, body condition and workload ensuring that your horse is getting precisely what they need to optimise health and well-being.

Save Time

Feeding a Bespoke All-In-One Supplement simplifies your feeding regime as there is only one supplement to feed, with one individually calculated feeding rate just for your horse. This also reduces the risk of errors if you rely on others to feed your horse.

Save Money

Using a Feedmark Bespoke All-In-One Supplement is a cost-effective way of providing high quality nutrition from scientifically backed products to support your horse’s health and performance. Our Bespoke All-In-One Supplements are created using the science and research that goes into all our products so that you will still be providing your horse with the best quality supplements at a better price. Your Bespoke All-In-One Supplement is tailored to your horses’ individual needs and when these change, so can their supplement. If their workload increases or decreases or if there is a specific issue you are trying to support, you can easily make changes to your Bespoke All-In-One to reflect your horses’ requirements and ensure that they are being support as best as possible.

How Are Bespoke All-In-One Supplements Made?

Once you have created a Bespoke All-In-One Supplement for your horse, we calculate the exact amount of active ingredients that your horse requires. For example, how much Glucosamine your horse needs so that you can be safe in the knowledge they are getting what is right for them. By creating a Bespoke All-In-One, we have done away with feeding rates based on bodyweight ranges which takes the confusion out of feeding a supplement as there is only one feeding rate, specifically matched to your individual horse. A Feedmark Bespoke All-In-One combines the science and knowledge that goes into all our supplements so that you know your horse is being fed the very best.

How Much Can You Save?

To see how much you can save when using a Bespoke All-In-One its best to look at an example. A 522kg horse, in Light Work with a ‘Good’ body condition score. Showing early signs of arthritis, suffers from seasonal respiratory issues and has had Gastric Ulcers in the past.



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Ultimate Ease








Creating Your Bespoke Is As Easy As This...

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