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Horse Of The Week - Penny.

Penny 9This is Penny, a 14.2hh Cob. For 5 years she has been owned by Jess Kemp, who has had Penny since she was almost 24-years-old. Jess explains: “I loaned Penny to start with, and was later given her by a very lovely lady who is very proud of us both. We mainly just hack together now, we have competed ...


Horse Of The Week - Hinke.

Hinke 2

This is Hinke, our new Horse Of The Week, she is owned by Jacqueline Barron, who told us: “Hinke is a Dutch name, and is pronounced ‘Hinka’. Hinke is rising 14-years-old, and she stands at approximately 16.1hh. She is a Friesian, and I have owned her for seven years. I am in my 60’s, but together ...


Horse Of The Week - Maya.

Maya 5Meet our new Horse Of The Week, Akehurst Rose-Mary, also known as Maya. She is owned by Sarah Hall who explains: “Maya is five years old, 14.1hh, and a Dales Pony. I have owned her for almost five years as I bought her as a nine-month-old foal. Maya was broken in last year. So far we have competed a...


Fennel Seeds For Your Horse


Fennel Seeds to help keep the digestive system comfortable, encourage milk production and support the upper respiratory tract.


Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a herb traditionally used to soothe the digestive tract. Feeding these seeds to your horse can help to keep the digestive system correct...


Horse Of The Week - Hot Fuss.

Hot Fuss (Charlie) 3This is our new Horse Of The Week Hot Fuss, also known as Charlie. He is owned by Laura Oughton-Auker, who explains: “Charlie is a New Forest x Thoroughbred. He's 14.1hh and will be 29-years-old in May this year. My parents bought him for me in 2002 as a 'first pony' from a local riding school. He d...