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50% extra FREE during January

This month only, we are offering the following specially selected supplements with 50% extra free: ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips (2.7kg) This is our highest specification joint supplement which maintains supple joints. ExtraFlex ExtraFlex HA® High specification joint supplement with Rosehipsprovides Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulphate, which are joint health ingredients used by the body to help maintain articular cartilage and joint function. These are complemented by Hyaluronic Acid which works within the joint capsule to stabilise the joint and aid shock absorption, and MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane), this supplies Sulphur which is required to provide strength to articular cartilage, and has antioxidant properties. We recently improved ExtraFlex by increasing the levels of Hyaluronic Acid, it now has the highest levels on the joint supplement market. 50% extra free during January. For more information, click here.   Benevit Advance (10kg) Our best-selling multivitamin and mineral Benevit® Essential vitamins and minerals to balance the dietsupplement which contains 25 vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, providing your horse with all the nutrients they need each day. Benevit balances the diet, and is suitable for all horses and ponies, particularly those on low amounts of feed, or forage-only diets. It delivers the important antioxidants Vitamin E and Selenium, and is fortified with Omega 3 and 6 to encourage a glossy bloom to any coat. 50% extra free during January. For more information, click here.   EquiDermis Plus (10kg) A blend of natural ingredients to help support skin health, and create bloom and shine to the coat. EquiDermis Plus is ideal for all horses and ponies with poor coat condition, challenged EquiDermis™ Maximum support for skin and coat healthskin or sensitivity. It contains Micronised Linseed, a source of Omega 3 fatty acids which help to support healthy skin and promote a shiny coat, and supplies naturally occurring B Vitamins, including Biotin, known to be important for skin health and hair growth. This supplement is specifically formulated to help the horse cope with unpleasant spring and summer skin conditions, and may also be beneficial in horses with fly bite sensitivity. EquiDermis Plus offers the ideal nutritional support for skin challenged by wet, damp or muddy conditions too. 50% extra free during January. For more information, click here.   Opti Muscle (2kg) Ideal support for hard working or vulnerable muscles. Vitamin E and Selenium are important Opti Muscle™ Support for hard working or vulnerable musclesnutrients that act as antioxidants, which play an important role in maintaining healthy cell membranes and normal muscle function. Magnesium supports optimum nerve function and muscle relaxation, allowing horses and ponies to work with greater flexibility. Opti Muscle helps to maintain muscles in a healthy condition, promoting correct muscle development for optimum performance and recovery. 50% extra free during January. For more information, click here.   SarVoid (3kg) The ideal supplement for horses and ponies with skin imperfections to keep skin blemish-free. SarVoid™ Powerful nutrients for healthy blemish-free skinSarVoid is a blend of traditionally used ingredients, including Turmeric, Burdock root and Red Clover flowers, which combine to help keep skin free from these unattractive flaws. Linseed and Clivers are essential for normal skin cells reproduction and help to keep skin healthy and keep the coat shiny. In addition to these skin health optimising herbs, Astragalus helps to support the immune system, and BioPerine helps the body to best utilise the active components of these ingredients. 50% extra free during January. For more information, click here.   Boswellia (2kg)Boswellia Powerful joint and digestive aid with soothing properties This increasingly popular plant resin optimises mobility and performance by exerting a soothing action on tired joints and muscles. Boswellia can also help to maintain respiratory health and aids the digestive system, firming loose droppings. 50% extra free during January. For more information, click here.     Terms and conditions: Order online at For telephone orders please call 0800 585 525 / 01986 782368. 50% extra free offer on ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips, Benevit Advance, EquiDermis Plus, Opti Muscle, SarVoid, and Boswellia applies to selected sizes only and is valid from 01/01/2018 until 31/01/2018.