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Feeding Boswellia to Horses

With the winter months encroaching, it is likely that more of us will be stabling our horses for an increased period of time due to poor weather conditions. Those of you with horses who are lacking mobility or of an older age, may start to notice that your horse is rather stiff when led from their stable or whilst (when commencing exercise) exercising. 



A well-known, traditional herbal ingredient which can offer comfort and support to joints and connective tissues is Boswellia. Boswellia is a natural resin which is collected from Boswellia Serrata trees located in the vast forests of central and western India, it is also known as Indian Frankincense. This resin is composed of terpenoids, crucial oils and gum. The terpenoids within the resin contain the all-important Boswellic acid, which is the active ingredient within Boswellia.   


Boswellia is commonly known as an important ingredient within joint supplements. This is because Boswellia has been proven to show a reduction in the degradation of glycosaminoglycans (key nutrients within the horse’s joints), therefore aiding in the maintenance of healthy joints. 



Not only is Boswellia a great feed time addition for supporting joints and mobility, but it can also provide many more benefits for the horse. Research has indicated that Boswellia is an effective substance in offering an anti-swelling action by mediating enzymes which create this inflammation. A study on twenty-nine dogs with persistent joint and spinal conditions was conducted in Switzerland. The dogs were fed a herbal dietary supplement which consisted of a natural resin extracted from Boswellia serrata, alongside their regular food for approximately six weeks. In just two weeks, 71% of the 24 eligible dogs demonstrated signs of improvement and within six weeks the individual animals showed a significant reduction of intermittent lameness, less stiffness in the gait and less local discomfort.


Another benefit of Boswellia is that it is gentle on the horse’s gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines/gut) and can actually be used to soothe digestive issues within the horse, including firming up loose droppings and helping to maintain normal function of the colon.  


Respiratory health can also be improved by feeding Boswellia. This ancient herb has been demonstrated to naturally settle the horse’s respiratory mechanisms/responses by reducing the production of leukotrienes (chemical responses which can cause compression of the bronchi, in the lower airways).   


Our well-known and much-loved equine supplement, Best-Flex HA®, contains Boswellia. This product is probably the world's best joint supplement as it contains the highest levels of proven joint supporting nutrients for optimum comfort and performance, plus, it has the added benefit of Boswellia.


We mustn’t forget our other four-legged fury friends as, here at Feedmark, we also create supplements specifically for our beloved dogs, some of these contain helpful Boswellia. K9-Activet is our most popular canine mobility supplement, which helps to soothe tired joints and muscles for those of the older generation or as well as maintaining healthy joints for dogs of a younger age.



You can also find Boswellia as a straight, individual ingredient from our MeadowBlend range. Click here to see more


If you have any questions regarding your horse's nutritional needs, our Nutritionists would be happy to help. Simply email [email protected] or call freephone 0800 585525.