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Horse Of The Week - Martha.

Martha 6Our new Horse Of The Week is owned by Kym Wilson, who explains: “I've owned 8-year-old Martha, a British Warmblood, since she was 4-years-old. I didn't go out to buy a 4-year-old, but completely fell in love and bought her anyway. I only wanted something I could call my own, after riding my daughter’s horse. Martha is a loving mare, and not at all mareish. She really loves fuss and will stand for hours to be cuddled."Martha 8 “During the first year we played and got to know each other, as I'd been a happy hacker up until I bought Martha. I then decided that I wanted to do more, so I got myself a trainer. I went from a wobbly, unbalanced rider (kick to go, pull to stop) on a 5-year-old unbalanced horse, to a balanced rider, and a reasonable combination.” Martha 7“I started to do low level unaffiliated Dressage and Show Jumping, and also did an adult camp. I then went on, at 46 years old, to do my first ever One Day Event. It was Martha’s first one too, and we were placed 10th out of 40!” “Unfortunately, I had a fall last year, which was all my fault, and broke my ankle. I therefore spent most of last year regaining my confidence to do Cross-Country and Show Jumping again. A few weeks ago, we completed our first Martha 9ODE since the fall, and went double clear.” “Martha is my horse of a lifetime, which my hubby fondly calls my obsession!” “I use Benevit Advance from Feedmark as Martha was a little lacklustre last year, and I wanted something to pick her up so tried her on this and haven't looked back since. As Martha is a good Martha 10doer I don't feed her that much hard feed, so I wanted something that would give her the minerals and vitamins that her diet was lacking.” A FREE tub of Benevit Advance is on its way to Martha 5Martha for being our Horse Of The Week! COULD YOUR HORSE BE THE NEXT HORSE OF THE WEEK? Each week, the Feedmark team select a horse of the week from reviews, letters and emails sent to them. If you would like your horse to feature, then please send your horse’s details in to [email protected] . Martha 3