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Horse Of The Week - Medley Of Phrases.

Medley Of Phrases... Medley Of Phrases, (Mutley) Medley Of Phrases, (Mutley)[/caption] Medley Of Phrases (Mutley) is a 10hh, 15-year-old Shetland, owned by Allison Burton. Allison bought Mutley 2 years ago, when moving her Icelandic named Ari to live at home, as she couldn’t bear to leave Ari’s field mate behind. Mutley is a very strong and clever character, he was evicted from a riding school for bucking riders off and then sitting on them! Allison explains: “Mutley had poor quality hooves, so we started using Prolamin in August 2014.  Prolamin has helped to support better hoof growth, and the quality of his feet has improved greatly. He is now walking and trotting well. Fingers crossed, but he is the best he has ever been!” A FREE 1.5kg Prolamin is on its way to Mutley for being our Horse Of The Week! Each week, the Feedmark team select a horse of the week from reviews, letters and emails sent to them. If you would like your horse to feature, then please send your horse’s details in to [email protected] or go online and write a review.