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Olivia Oakeley Discusses Fitness, Dressage Goals and Nutrition

We catch up with our Dressage rider, Olivia Oakeley, who explains how fitness, setting goals and optimal nutrition are essential when it comes to daily training for herself and her horses... 



Do you currently have many horses to ride and train each day? 


I ride anything between 6 horses on a good day and 12 horses on a busy day! I have 6 ridden horses that I currently own with clients which get worked most days, then I’ll have added horses to do if I’m working them for other clients. 



Do you have any stretches or activities that you perform before riding?  

I always do resistance banded exercises first thing in the morning, to make sure my muscles are firing before I get on any of the horses. I tend to go to the gym in the evenings so that plays a massive role too! 



What top tips would you give to people when schooling and training their horses at home?  


I always like to get on with three things I’d like to improve in my sessions. Once I’ve warmed the horse up, sometimes one or two things might change depending on how the horse feels. Once I have achieved my goals, I’ll take the horse for a walk, whether it happens in 15 mins or 45mins. The goal, no matter who you are, is for the horse to be a happy athlete, and personally, I think drilling them doesn’t achieve that. So that’s a big thing I try to enforce with my clients. 



How important is nutrition to you and your horses?  


Nutrition plays a big part for both horse and rider. Like any athlete, unless you’re in peak condition, you won’t be at your best. Feeding Feedmark Bespoke All-in-One, alongside their forage and hard feed, is so fantastic as you can add whatever you need to help your horse without having to add 100 tubs a day! I am good with my personal nutrition 80% of the time and that 20% is another reason why I run and go to the gym!! 


What are your favourite supplements for supporting your horses?  


My favourite supplements would have to be the ones that all my horses get! Which is Best-Flex HA® and Gastric Comfort then the mares are on Hormonease. Plusthe best thing is they come premixed and arrive at the same time every month, meaning you don’t have to worry about ordering when you’re running low! 


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