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Dr. Wood Dissects Condition & Shine™

Dr. Wood Dissects Condition & Shine™

Dr. Wood, Feedmark’s Director of Science and Nutrition, takes a closer look at Condition & Shine™...


"Condition & Shine™ is the ideal supplement for competition horses and those in increasing levels of work as it provides a concentrated form of protein for muscle repair, and slow-release energy for sustained exercise.


Full Fat Soya meal provides good quality protein, supplying the essential amino acids Lysine and Methionine, whilst micronised Linseed meal and Linseed oil provide energy in the form of fat. Linseed is also an excellent source of essential fatty acids, particularly alpha-linolenic acids, more commonly known as omega-3, which are known for their anti-inflammatory actions that are particularly helpful to horses prone to respiratory and joint issues and to promote a shiny, glossy coat.

The vitamin E and Selenium within Condition & Shine™ further support muscle function which is particularly beneficial for those horses undertaking more exercise.


All of these ingredients make Condition & Shine™ an excellent choice for those wanting to avoid feeding cereal grain feeds but who want to supply their horses with sustained energy.


The extremely palatable formulation of Condition & Shine™, which has a mild mint flavour, is also excellent for encouraging even the fussiest of feeders or those needing to gain some additional weight."


- Dr Stephanie Wood (PhD Equine Nutrition)


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